Sandra from Sandra S. Media

Let’s be honest: you’re probably swamped with Pinerest marketing and wondering how the heck you’re ever gonna make it, right?
You’d like to finally start seeing the results of your hard work or not cringe every time you think about pin algorithm.

Guess what? I'm here to help you with that!

About Pinterest Manager Sandra
Nice to meet you

I’m Sandra, your dog-obsessed, coffee-loving, travel-addicted Pinterest & Content Strategist and founder of Sandra S. Media.

As you can imagine, I’m extremely passionate about Pinterest.

TBH, it was love at first sight around ten years ago when I stumbled upon it for the first time. I spent countless hours pinning bucket list places, badass tattoos and inspirational quotes.

My personal profile looks similar today; the only addition is “all things wedding” since Pinterest was my no.1 partner in crime for wedding planning (whose isn’t, right?)

I always wanted to travel around the world – so after marriage, my husband and I packed our bags and went on a yearlong honeymoon (I admit, it was as awesome as it sounds). 

I started to write an adventure travel blog (a multi-passionate unicorn here!) and quickly realized the huge potential Pinterest and SEO have for small business owners; it was then that I realized I wanted to help other entrepreneurs to maximize their Pinterest presence and scale their businesses through strategic Pinterest marketing. 

Fast forward a couple of years later, I’m doing exactly that! 


Pinterest account set up and optimization services - a Pinterest manager drinking coffee by the laptop

When I worked in the corporate world, my area of expertise was Quality Assurance. Despite Pinterest marketing, writing, and design being of the creative arts, my work experience emphasizes quality at the core.

Over-deliver is the name of my game, and while I pay close attention to details, I’m also able to see the bigger picture and place your Pinterest presence into a broader marketing strategy. 

My introvert super-power is listening, and I focus on the important stuff –  clients’ goals

And while I’m all about being professional when it comes to working, I root for friendly relationships (Yes, we can drink wine together over a Zoom call, that’s an awesome idea!)

So, if you’re looking for someone with a stiff personality and ultra-formal business relationship, I might not be your top choice!

You’re more than just a client to me, and I want us to have fun while I help you grow your business!

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It's no secret that it's almost impossible to wear all the hats in business without feeling overwhelmed and possibly head towards burnout.


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