5 Secrets of a Successful Pinterest Strategy in 2021

As it is with other platforms, Pinterest trends and – the word we dread the most – algorithms are changing over time. But this is a natural process as we all know that the only constant is change, and change is the main component of progress. (TBH, after some changes – especially on social media […]

How To Set Up Rich Pins on WordPress (and why you should)

How to set up rich pins on Pinterest

What the heck are rich pins, right? This is the exact same question I asked myself a few years ago. Well, it turns out rich pins are a pretty cool thing! The next question that immediately popped up in my mind? How to set up rich pins on WordPress, of course! But first comes first… […]

How to claim your website on Pinterest

Claim your website on Pinterest

One of the first things entrepreneurs and bloggers should do after creating a Pinterest business account is to claim their website on Pinterest. After you claim your website, a little checkmark will appear next to your website’s URL on the profile, and pinners will be able to access your website directly from your Pinterest account. […]