The Best Pinterest Marketing Tools

A Female Pinterest Manager working by the computer - cover photo for the best Pinterest Marketing Tools

Apps, tools and programs can be real game-changers when it comes to running a business, wouldn’t you agree?  They either make content creation more manageable, help us manage all 3165 projects we are working on, save us tons of time, and make our lives way easier in general. And although I sometimes lose track of […]

Why Your Coaching Business Needs to be on Pinterest

Coaching business on Pinterest

Wait, yet another marketing platform? But I’m doing just fine with [insert your favorite platform]! And isn’t Pinterest kind of dead already? Besides, I’m not a blogger, why would I benefit from Pinterest marketing in the first place? I see you. (Except for the “Pinterest is dead thingy” – that is sooo far from the […]

75+ Boss Lady Quotes for Success and Motivation

Inspirational boss lady quotes for success and motivation (1)

Remember the time when you first started using Pinterest? Or, what were you looking for on this somewhat addictive platform? My guess is you were either planning a home renovation, searching for yummy recipes, dreaming about your future wedding, looking for fun DIY crafts or #mondaymotivation. Btw, if you remember, let me know in the […]