Why Your Coaching Business Needs to be on Pinterest

Coaching business on Pinterest
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Wait, yet another marketing platform? But I’m doing just fine with [insert your favorite platform]! And isn’t Pinterest kind of dead already? Besides, I’m not a blogger, why would I benefit from Pinterest marketing in the first place?

I see you. (Except for the “Pinterest is dead thingy” โ€“ that is sooo far from the truth that you can forget about it right about NOW).

As a busy entrepreneur, you are probably a little hesitant to add another marketing platform into your already-completely-full schedule.

But there are quite a few reasons why Pinterest is an incredible platform for coaches and why your coaching business needs to be on Pinterest, too.

I’ve worked (and I’m still working) with quite a few coaches in the last two years, and I’ve seen the powerful results first-hand that Pinterest can offer you. It just comes down to three things โ€“ knowing how Pinterest helps in growing business, using the right strategy, and being patient.

In this post, we will dive into everything you need to know about using Pinterest for business and how to use Pinterest the right way.


Is Pinterest Right For Every Coaching Business?


The easy answer is: Pinterest is right for almost every coaching business.

The audience on Pinterest is huge, and it’s not just about dinner recipes or DIY house renovation projects!

Are you a business or marketing coach? Your audience is surely on Pinterest, looking for advice about marketing and growing business.

Are you a coach for teachers? Your audience is searching for teaching tips on the platform!

Life and wellness coaches? You should absolutely use Pinterest for your business! Healthy lifestyle, self-care, and personal development are huge topics on this platform!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The only coaching business I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on Pinterest is a business that is strictly 100% local and only offers in-person consulting.

If you are a coach that operates online, you can use Pinterest successfully to grow your business.


The Benefits of Using Pinterest for Your Coaching Business


There are so many benefits to using Pinterest, and it truly is one of the best organic traffic platforms out there.

I’ve probably said this a thousand times already, but it really is important to note that Pinterest is not a social media platform, so it will not work the same way as Instagram or Tik Tok, where you post something and get the majority of the engagement in the first few hours.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, which does mean that it is a long-term strategy. There were a few significant changes in the algorithm in the last two years that have brought Pinterest even closer to that definition. You won’t see results right away, and in 2022 I can confidently say you might not see them even after 2-3 months (it is possible to start seeing them right away too, but that’s more the rule).

It usually takes about 4-6 months for the pins to start ranking now, so this means 4-6 months of consistency, optimization, and strategy, to see the results and reach you’d like.

Discouraged? Don’t be!

If you’re able to be patient with Google to rank your blog posts or pages, you can be patient with another search engine, too, right? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

It is so worth the initial investment of time because once you get results, you will have results long-term!

Want proof? Coming your way!

This is the account of a business coach I’ve been working with for almost a year now. Pretty dope, right?


Pinterest performance Growth - Coaching business on Pinterest


So, what can Pinterest do for your coaching business?


Reach a new audience

Both static and idea pinsย are great for increasing exposure and reaching a new audience.

When pinners are coming across your pins over and over again, that also helps with building trust and authority.


Increase traffic to your website, sales pages and/or product pages

Since you’re not a blogger, your primary focus with Pinterest marketing is not to increase website traffic. However, getting more traffic to your website/blog can increase passive income via affiliate marketing, and you can create pins that lead directly to your sales pages or product pages, too.


Need help with creating pin designs faster? Grabe these free editable Canva templates!

Canva Pinterest Templates


Grow your email list and fill your sales funnel with warm leads

Pinterest is amazing for growing your email list as you can create pins that lead directly to your landing pages or add email opt-ins into your blog or podcast posts.

You think that 150 clicks to your website per month is peanuts? Think again.

That’s 150 opportunities that someone decides to download a freebie or sign up to your newsletter.

That’s 150 warm leads. Each month.


And this is the reason why I believe your coaching business NEEDS to be on Pinterest.


How to Use Pinterest for Business


The three most important things for using Pinterest successfully are: consistency, optimization, and strategy.


The right Pinterest strategy is half the battle. You have to create a plan for how you want your account and pins to rank, what keywords you’re going after, how often you are going to post content, what kind of content you need to create for Pinterest, etc.

You have to do the research to understand your ideal audience and know what they would be searching for!


Do you only need help with setting up your account for success and creating a strategy? My Pinterest Strategy Intensive VIP day might be the perfect solution for you!



As Pinterest is a search engine, and optimization is important so that your content can be indexed and found by the right audience. In order to correctly optimize your account profile and pins, you need to do keyword research. And while you’re at optimization, don’t forget to optimize your website for Pinterest, too!



With Pinterest being a search engine (how many times have I mentioned this already just in this article? ๐Ÿ˜Š), consistency is important essential. Long gone are the days where you could sporadically upload a pin or two and then forget about Pinterest for a few weeks or even months. Good ol’ times, I know. But for Pinterest to work FOR you, you need to play by its rules. And these are the new rules.

You need to have patience and make sure to pin consistently to see results. You have to stay up on your content and pinning strategy and create fresh pin designs on a regular basis. The algorithm loves new content and fresh pins!


Final Thoughts


If you want to put more of a focus on your Pinterest marketing and get your coaching business on Pinterest, feel free to reach out or take a look at my Pinterest consulting or Pinterest management packages to see how I work.

I absolutely love working with coaches and helping them tap into the power of Pinterest!


Happy pinning!

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Sandra Stanisa

Sandra Stanisa

Sandra is your travel-obsessed, coffee-loving Pinterest & Canva Expert (with a zillion other digital-marketing-related passions). She is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict and a founder of Sandra S. Media, a boutique marketing agency that helps bloggers and creatives scale their businesses through strategic Pinterest marketing and design.

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