How Pinterest Helps in Growing Business

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“How can Pinterest help me grow my business?” You might wonder.


Pinterest has over 400 million monthly users.

39% global monthly active user growth.

More than half of users use Pinterest to purchase.

Over $1 billion ad revenue by the end of 2020.


And these are just some of the stats.


We all know that social media is incredible for growing brand awareness. Still, it requires constant engagement, high investments, and perhaps working with influencers to see the traffic flowing in.

On the other hand, Google and Pinterest are search engines, so with the proper optimization, you don’t need to search for potential clients or buyers – instead, they find you!

Since I’m not the SEO expert (but my friend Consulting Helene does a fantastic job with this, if anyone needs help!), I’m going to focus on how Pinterest helps in growing business.




As with any digital marketing branch, it’s wise to ask yourself whether your business will benefit from Pinterest marketing.

While Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool for the majority of businesses, there are several things you should consider before creating your Pinterest business account:


Is your target audience on Pinterest?


When defining your target audience, it is essential to research on which platforms they spend their time.

One of the easiest ways to determine how strong your niche is on Pinterest is to research keywords connected with your business.

However, don’t get discouraged if you’ll notice that there is interest for your niche, but there isn’t much content (or accounts) on the platform about it – this might mean that you have the possibility to fill this gap!


Is your target audience big enough?


Suppose you’re an online service provider, an e-commerce business that sells across the country or overseas, or even a local service provider with a broader audience. In that case, you should get on Pinterest as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you’re running a beauty salon in a small town and don’t sell any products, you might (or most probably won’t) benefit from Pinterest marketing. In this case, you’ll be better off with targeted paid FB ads or advertisements in local media.






If you’re a blogger or have a business website with a blog, advertising articles (through pins posted on Pinterest) can help you increase traffic back to your website.

If you’re using any of the advertising platforms (such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, Ezoic, etc.) on your site then increased traffic leads to increased ad revenue. This means that Pinterest is literally bringing you lots of money!

Growing your site traffic with the help of Pinterest is especially effective among new blogs since it takes time for Google to rank your articles (and you have to compete with more established blogs). On the other hand, on Pinterest, one of your first pins has the potential to go viral and start driving traffic!

Increasing ad revenue is probably the best way in how Pinterest helps in growing business!




Suppose you’re partnering with brands or companies or use a certain platform that you absolutely love and are raving about it all the time anyway. In that case, you can add affiliate links to your articles or website pages.

When a pinner clicks-through, reads the article and acknowledges your enthusiasm, they might realize this product, service, or software was just what they were looking for!

As gratitude for the value you provided, they can purchase through that link which will give you a percent of the commission, and oftentimes they will receive a discounted price, which is a win-win situation for both of you!


For example, I’m a Tailwind and Canva affiliate since I use both platforms daily and literally can’t imagine my life without them. I recommend them to everyone who has a spare minute to listen to my raving.

Tailwind saves tons of time and gives additional insight into Pinterest account analytics and Canva is my favorite ever tool for pin design.


NOTE: It’s not possible to add affiliate links directly to pin descriptions, and I would also avoid creating a page only with such links without providing any additional value.




Pinterest will help you grow your business through increasing brand awareness too.

Although most searches on Pinterest are unbranded, this doesn’t mean that increasing brand awareness is reserved only for social media.

With the help of branded pin designs (i.e., adding a logo, using branded colors – from time to time, unique pin design templates) and consistent publishing of fresh content, pinners might recognize your pins among others over time.

If they liked your content or products before, they are more likely to click-through to your website or follow you on Pinterest (or social media).


Is designing pins not your area of expertise?


I created 15 editable pin design templates that will help you create unique pins in a matter of minutes!


▶️Add your own photos or stock photos

▶️Change the template colors with photo colors or branded colors

▶️Change fonts

▶️Add unique Elements

…and voila, you’re good to go!

Yep, they are completely FREE, so just click the button and download them now!


Canva Pinterest Templates





Pinterest is a fantastic resource to grow your email list.

When pinners end up on your website and read a helpful article (or see amazing photos or products they might be interested in), there’s a higher chance that they’ll click-through to the other pages or posts or maybe even sign up for your newsletter to receive updates and special offers.

Pinterest can directly help you add a potential client to your sales funnel!

To increase the pinner-subscriber conversion rate, I’d recommend adding free resources that provide value (or access to discount codes, for example) to your website or directly in your article. Another option is to create a landing page for your freebie and create pins for that (which is also a great way to introduce “super fresh pins” to the platform!)




Even if you don’t use email marketing, a potential client or buyer will more likely decide to purchase your services or products if they’re already familiar with your offers.

Pinterest can serve as a portfolio of your work, too – if you’re, for example, a wedding photographer or a yoga teacher who uses Pinterest as a marketing tool, you have a significant advantage (and the same goes for other niches too! 😊)

Why is that?

When pinners search for “wedding venues in New York” or “morning yoga flow for beginners,” your optimized pins can show up on their feed.

If a pinner click-throughs on your website and loves what they see, you have a higher chance that they’ll stick around and keep your services in mind for…




… the times they’ll need them. 😊

We have to see something at least seven times before we consider buying it, can you imagine?

If a pinner liked your content, they will probably keep coming back. They will keep looking at your photos which may ultimately lead to hiring you for their wedding, or they might keep watching your free yoga videos until they decide to join a paid membership or buy an e-book.



If you’re not using Pinterest for your business just yet… What are you waiting for? 😊

I created a FREE Guide and Workbook to help you set up and optimize your Pinterest business account for success!

And in case that conquering yet another platform feels too overwhelming, take a look at my Pinterest marketing services – I can help you with everything from setting up the account and creating a unique strategy to monthly managing and Pinterest coaching!



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Sandra Stanisa

Sandra Stanisa

Sandra is your travel-obsessed, coffee-loving Pinterest & Canva Expert (with a zillion other digital-marketing-related passions). She is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict and a founder of Sandra S. Media, a boutique marketing agency that helps bloggers and creatives scale their businesses through strategic Pinterest marketing and design.

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