Why is Pinterest a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

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A marketing strategy is essential for growing a business. When business owners start creating their digital marketing strategy, they should include short-term and long-term digital marketing activities to ensure the best results. In this blog post, we’re talking about Pinterest as part of a long-term marketing strategy.

Both short and long-term marketing strategies are equally important to your business, that’s a fact. But while we all want results, and we want them FAST (including me, myself, and I ?), the long-term strategy is the one that encompasses the “bigger picture,” and it’s necessary to accept that – well, it WILL take time.


Pinterest as a long-term marketing strategy


Pinterest SEO


SEO (search engine optimization) is a long-term process, and Pinterest IS a visual search engine at its core. Additionally, Pinterest has changed how pins are distributed across the platform over the years.

In the past, it was not uncommon that completely new pins would appear on the top of the search results as Pinterest had what you could call a “chronological feed.” This enabled many new bloggers and business owners to have a chance for their new pins to be seen (and clicked on) as soon as they were posted, which increased the possibility to start growing on Pinterest super fast. I know, good ol’ days.?

While it’s still possible now that new pins get noticed and rank high immediately, this is much less likely to happen as algorithms have changed. Instead, it takes TIME for pins to start ranking (provided that they are SEO-optimized!), and many factors are involved in Pinterest strategy.

So here’s a bummer: This means that if you want to utilize Pinterest marketing for “quick wins,” you’re likely to be disappointed. ?‍♀️

“But how long???” you might wonder. The growth depends on many MANY factors, but you can expect to start seeing growth after 4-6 months, or even more if the account is new. Typically, the most significant change is usually observed after a year.


HOWEVER (!), the life span of a pin is way longer than that of a social media post, and pins that rank high in the search engine can bring you organic traffic for months (or even years).


Pinterest marketing is intertwined with Content Marketing


You don’t necessarily need a blog to grow on Pinterest (especially if you’re an e-commerce brand with many products on your website), but creating new content on a regular basis is essential for growth on Pinterest.

Blogging is also a part of a long-term strategy where you need to be patient (and consistent) to see ROI, and since Pinterest marketing is intertwined with blogging, this will affect your performance on the platform.

Pinterest prioritizes fresh content over repining your old content, and it will take more time to start seeing the results if don’t regularly create new content.


Is blogging give you a headache, or do you simply not have time for it? Or perhaps you love writing but aren’t quite sure how to create a Pinterest Content Strategy?

I offer complimentary services such as Pinterest strategy sessions AND content writing for my clients, so simply fill out the form if that’s something you’d be interested in, and we can discuss how I can help you!


How to Speed Up the Growth on Pinterest


Even though Pinterest is part of a long-term marketing strategy, there is a way to include short-term marketing activities that will accelerate your growth on the platform and help you accomplish your long-term goals faster.

As you might expect, these activities require spending some money ? Yes, I’m talking about Pinterest Ads or Promoted Pins Campaigns!

Running a promoted pins campaign now and then (or even better – over a few months) will not only increase the visibility of promoted pins but will most likely affect the account’s overall performance. This means that active Pinterest ads increase impressions and engagements on your other pins, which results in increased website traffic!


Growth on Pinterest with Pinterest ads

What kind of pins to promote?

It’s best to promote pins that lead to the content already performing well on Pinterest or your free offers (especially if you want to generate more leads with Pinterest!). Of course, you can also promote paid products.



A Conclusion

When it comes to Pinterest marketing, it is important to remember that you’re running a marathon, not a sprint. Think about how you will use Pinterest to grow your business and try to stay up-to-date with Pinterest marketing strategies.



It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t see the results after a few months of consistent pinning, but it’s essential not to pause or – even worse – give up. Keep in mind that you decided to invest time and energy to get that ROI eventually.

And if you want to give your Pinterest account “a gentle push” or need that short-term success to get motivated again, consider running a Pinterest ads campaign.


Need a Pinterest strategy tailored to your business? Work with me on a Pinterest Strategy Intensive VIP day or book a coaching call!



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Sandra Stanisa

Sandra Stanisa

Sandra is your travel-obsessed, coffee-loving Pinterest & Canva Expert (with a zillion other digital-marketing-related passions). She is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict and a founder of Sandra S. Media, a boutique marketing agency that helps bloggers and creatives scale their businesses through strategic Pinterest marketing and design.

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