How to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

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Whether you have dived into Pinterest marketing only recently or you’ve been an avid Pinterest user for quite a while now, it’s possible that you haven’t yet fully optimize your website for Pinterest. Sure, being active on the platform, finding the right keywords, designing beautiful pins, and creating a fool-proof Pinterest marketing strategy will undoubtedly […]

How to find Pinterest keywords

As you may already know, despite having a few social media features, Pinterest works as a visual search engine. And one thing that Pinterest has in common with another super-famous search engine (yep, I’m talking about Mr. Google) is keywords. Google keywords are not the same thing as Pinterest keywords; however, the principles are the […]

7 Time-saving Tips for Pinterest Marketing

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As a busy entrepreneur, you probably have a full schedule and wonder why the heck a day doesn’t have 36 hours. And while you’d be totally missing out if you wouldn’t be using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, all of the tasks that come with Pinterest marketing can be pretty time-consuming.   As […]