How to use Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest marketing

Whether you’re about to start a business and figuring out your marketing strategy, or you have been an online business owner for quite a while, you’ll probably agree with me on this:  we all wish that a day would have more than 24 hours. But it just doesn’t work this way. (Bummer, I know) And […]

Idea Pins on Pinterest – what you need to know

All about idea pins on Pinterest

I’ll be bold and drop a truth bomb right here at the beginning: idea pins are here, and they’re taking the stage, whether you we like it or not. There, I said it. 😉 Recently Instagram announced that it is no longer just a photo-sharing application. If you haven’t noticed, many platforms are going in […]

How to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

Optimize website for Pinterest header photo - office desk with laptop

Whether you have dived into Pinterest marketing only recently or you’ve been an avid Pinterest user for quite a while now, it’s possible that you haven’t yet fully optimize your website for Pinterest. Sure, being active on the platform, finding the right keywords, designing beautiful pins, and creating a fool-proof Pinterest marketing strategy will undoubtedly […]