How to Generate Leads with Pinterest

I’ve worked with several service providers over the past few years who were initially skeptical about whether Pinterest marketing could help them grow their business. In the past, many service-based business owners were under the impression that Pinterest was best for bloggers and creative e-commerce businesses, but Pinterest is also an excellent platform for service […]

The Best Pinterest Marketing Tools

A Female Pinterest Manager working by the computer - cover photo for the best Pinterest Marketing Tools

Apps, tools and programs can be real game-changers when it comes to running a business, wouldn’t you agree?  They either make content creation more manageable, help us manage all 3165 projects we are working on, save us tons of time, and make our lives way easier in general. And although I sometimes lose track of […]

How to Quickly Repurpose Content for Pinterest

Repurpose content for Pinterest cover photo with the Srabble letters saying REPURPOSE

Please raise your hand if you’re among those entrepreneurs who have too much free time and you’re working only 3 days per week. Yeah, I thought so. I mean, it’s possible – but in this case, you probably have automations and systems in place, use schedulers, outsource certain parts of your business (like Pinterest marketing […]