Why Your Coaching Business Needs to be on Pinterest

Coaching business on Pinterest

Wait, yet another marketing platform? But I’m doing just fine with [insert your favorite platform]! And isn’t Pinterest kind of dead already? Besides, I’m not a blogger, why would I benefit from Pinterest marketing in the first place? I see you. (Except for the “Pinterest is dead thingy” – that is sooo far from the […]

How to Optimize Pinterest Account with Keywords

Optimize Pinterest account with keywords - a smiling woman with laptop

I keep rambling about the importance of keywords on Pinterest. But darling, that’s only because they are the numero uno! And if you’re wondering why your pins are not ranking on Pinterest or how to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy further, my advice would be to go back to basics and take a good look […]

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest marketing

Whether you’re about to start a business and figuring out your marketing strategy, or you have been an online business owner for quite a while, you’ll probably agree with me on this:  we all wish that a day would have more than 24 hours. But it just doesn’t work this way. (Bummer, I know) And […]