Who to Follow on Pinterest?

Who to follow on Pinterest cover photo - laptop and women's hands from above

Anybody that has a personal Pinterest account can stop wondering who to follow on Pinterest, like… RIGHT NOW. Pinterest is not Instagram and it really doesn’t matter whether you follow anybody or not. Of course, if you’re interested in and like content from a creator, then you should absolutely go and click that follow button […]

Pinterest for Wedding Photographers: 10 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Pinterest for wedding photographers

The wedding industry niche is huge on Pinterest. And since Pinterest is a visual search platform with strong imagery playing an important role, wedding photographers are one of those creative entrepreneurs that can benefit from Pinterest the most.   But what I keep seeing is that many wedding photographers make the same mistakes when trying […]

Which Pinterest Boards You Need for Your Business Account

Pinterest boards you need for your business account header photo - board, pins and flowers

A Pinterest business account is in many aspects different from a personal one. While you can have pins for every single topic you can think of on your personal account, I wouldn’t recommend this for the Pinterest boards you need for your business account. If your boards are all over the place, this will confuse […]