7 Time-saving Tips for Pinterest Marketing

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As a busy entrepreneur, you probably have a full schedule and wonder why the heck a day doesn’t have 36 hours.

And while you’d be totally missing out if you wouldn’t be using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, all of the tasks that come with Pinterest marketing can be pretty time-consuming.


As I’m working with multiple clients simultaneously, it is essential that I optimize my time as much as possible.

I decided to share my best time-saving tips for Pinterest marketing with you that will help you automate your workflow and get things done way faster.






If you’re a new business owner, you may be still “kind of all over the place,” figuring out how to organize things, and you don’t have systems or automation in place yet. No worries, we were all there. ?

One of the best time-saving tips for Pinterest marketing or your business, in general, is batch working.

Do you find yourself repeating the same tasks day after day?

Doing keyword research for a new post, finding photos, creating pins, scheduling, and everything in between just to have to repeat the process for the next post?

Set aside some time and create a couple of weeks’ worth of pin designs at once, create a keyword bank and just refresh it from time to time, write down several prompts for pin titles you can use down the road, etc.

I promise it will save you hours.




Do you know everything you should be doing in order to grow your Pinterest account?

It’s not only about pin design and pinning; other things are included in Pinterest marketing strategy, such as finding and following relevant accounts, creating new Pinterest boards, continuous SEO optimization, deep-diving into analytics and more.

Instead of figuring out weekly what to do and hopping on Pinterest all the time, create a workflow in your product management tool that will remind you when it’s time for a certain task.

Don’t have one yet? There are many good ones available like Trello or Asana, but my absolute favorite project management tool is ClickUp.

I remember instantly falling in love with it because it’s so simple, user-friendly, and has a zillion amazing features. It’s possible to set up task automations and color-code your tasks, so my inner nerd is jumping with excitement every time I open it.






Are you still creating your pin design from scratch every single time? Or browsing through pre-designed Canva templates that have been used on the platform a bazillion times before?

It’s time to ditch this practice! Not only is this time-consuming if you’re using a completely different style every single time, but you’re also missing out on the opportunity to build a unique brand look.

Create 5-20 branded pin templates that will help you create unique designs faster.

I especially love Canva because it is so simple to use and it has so many additional elements that can make your templates look unique in basically no time. Oh, not to mention that it’s completely free (unless you need pro elements or custom fonts).



Is pin design really not your cup of tea?

Then you can grab these 15 FREE Canva templates down below and customize them to fit your brand!


Canva Pinterest Templates




Do you have Instagram? (What am I asking, right –  of course you do). What about YouTube or Tik Tok? Do you do Facebook lives?

There’s no need to create entirely new content all the time. Video and story pins are HUGE on Pinterest right now and you can easily repurpose videos from other channels to use them for Pinterest.

Either create videos in video-editing software, use Canva, or upload them directly to Pinterest Story Pins Builder.


PRO TIP:  Remove the watermark from other platforms since this will impact the distribution of your pins!


Another way to repurpose your content is to also claim your Instagram and YouTube accounts on Pinterest and, when relevant, pin content from those platforms directly to Pinterest.




Oh my, I wonder how people were using Pinterest before the scheduler existed.

Instead of hopping on Pinterest every single day to upload your pins or save other people’s pins, you can use a scheduler and save yourself hours of valuable time.

My favorite time-saving Pinterest marketing tool is Tailwind, which allows you to schedule pins in bulk and calculates the most optimum times to pin based on the activity of your Pinterest followers.

What I like to do is to upload pin designs after I create them to Tailwind drafts and when it’s time to schedule (aka when my fav biz buddy ClickUp tells me, “Hey, you’ve got scheduling for 4 clients on your to-do list today!), I add URLs, titles and descriptions and schedule them out.

I can’t praise enough its Interval schedule feature that allows you to schedule pins to several relevant boards or group boards (not too many, less is better now!) at once.

Use this link to get a free trial or 15$ off if you ever decide to upgrade to paid version! (yes, yes, it’s an affiliate link! ?)


A good alternative to Tailwind is Pinterest’s native scheduler! The only downside is that it’s not possible to schedule pins for more than two weeks in advance (and – there’s no interval feature).




Tailwind has another time-saving feature that you can use when scheduling pins in advance.

Inside Tailwind, you can create board lists that consist of boards with similar topics. When scheduling, use those lists instead of checking your Pinterest account every time to remember which boards you have on your profile.

An example: If I write a blog post about “Which Pinterest boards you need for your business accounts,” a pin for such blog post would fit both to my Pinterest for bloggers board and Pinterest marketing tips boards. I’d create a board list with the name “Pinterest – general” and add both boards to the list. When scheduling, instead of remembering both names, I’d just click on “Pinterest – general.”

You can also create a board list with your group boards to access them quicker!

It may sound like 15 seconds of extra time is not much, but when you are scheduling a lot of pins, it adds up.




Entrepreneurs should undoubtedly keep their focus on creating fresh content and new pin designs.

However, if you don’t have a lot of content yet or are using group boards (which work in a way that you pin each other’s pins), you’ll need to add quality curated content to your schedule too.

The quickest way to do this is by installing a Tailwind Publisher web extension button.

Instead of clicking on one pin at a time and adding them to the Tailwind schedule, Tailwind Publisher enables you to choose several pins at once. If those pins are about the same topic, you can add them to a board with one click, and with another click, they are added to your Tailwind schedule. It almost works like magic! ?

Another tip that will save you time is installing a Pinterest Save web extension button. Like the Tailwind extension button, the Pinterest Save button shows all pinnable images in a blog post with a single click and enables you to save up to 20 images at once. However, resist the temptation and pin only one or a few at once! (Wonder why? Check out this blog post about mistakes wedding photographers make on Pinterest)



Do you still think that Pinterest marketing is taking up too much of your time?

Do you find yourself slacking in consistency, or are you are feeling overwhelmed because of so many things that you should fit into your schedule?

Well, I have a solution for you.

You can apply for my VIP PINTEREST STRATEGY INTENSIVE service!

In a single day, I’ll

✅ create a custom Pinterest marketing strategy,

✅ set up or optimize your Pinterest and Tailwind account,

✅ design custom branded pin templates,

✅ generate a keyword bank for you,

✅ provide you with examples of catchy and keyword-rich pin titles and descriptions,

✅ create a Pinterest marketing workflow,

✅ chat with you 1-on-1 about actionable steps to implement the strategy,

➰and more!


You can learn more about this and apply here!



For those who are ready to hand over the keys to their Pinterest marketing strategy, I also offer Pinterest Management Services. You can be completely hands-off and have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Or you know, use this time to cuddle with your pup. ?


Tell me in the comments which of the time-saving tips for Pinterest marketing you’ll use in the future!

Happy pinning!

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Sandra Stanisa

Sandra Stanisa

Sandra is your travel-obsessed, coffee-loving Pinterest & Canva Expert (with a zillion other digital-marketing-related passions). She is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict and a founder of Sandra S. Media, a boutique marketing agency that helps bloggers and creatives scale their businesses through strategic Pinterest marketing and design.

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